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Track demo equipment across locations, leads and salespersons.
Works hand in hand with Salesforce.

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Customers who trust us with their assets

  • Track the complete Asset Life Cycle of your demo equipment
  • Scan QR Codes and Barcodes for quick checkouts
  • Set up maintenance alerts, record services, and triage assets upon return
  • Tag your equipment with professional grade labels

Keep your demo equipment in optimal shape

Demo equipment

Increase sales by keeping your demo equipment in top shape. The built-in services and maintenance module helps improve asset productivity.

Check out items to Salespersons

Checkout items

Reserve and checkout assets to your sales team. Send automated emails to salespersons to pick up items or return them when it’s time.

Track demo equipment checked out to potentials

Track equipment

Track the activity of your salespersons as they go out in the field. Enable them to check out items to their leads and potentials and record logs.

Track assets across locations

Track locations

Track assets on a map. Know where they are being scanned. If your teams are spread across locations, use Access Control to implement permissions.

View details in Salesforce

Salesforce details

Seamless integration with Salesforce to help you get the most out of both AssetSonar and Salesforce. Pull in contacts from Salesforce to checkout assets to them.

Optimize asset utilization and reduce costs

Cut costs

Get the most out of your assets. Use in-depth analytics and reports to understand equipment usage patterns. Improve utilization workflows to reduce costs.

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