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Simple, Strategic IT Asset Management:

Hardware Management with Barcode/QR code/RFID scanning

Installed and Cloud Software License Management

Agent and Network (agentless) Device Discovery

Advanced Access Control for custom role-based permissions

Seamless IT Service management through help-desk integrations: Zendesk & Jira

Full Asset Visibility via Endpoint Manager integrations: Microsoft Intune & SCCM, Jamf, Google Endpoint Manager


Purchase and Work Orders

Mobile App (iOS, Android)

Frequently Asked Questions

All you ever needed to know about AssetSonar.

How many users can be added on one plan?

You can add unlimited Staff Users on any plan. You can add 5 Agents for each Admin you Purchase. The number of Admins you can add depends on the plan you select. More Details

Do you offer non profit discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount program for all 501(c)(3) organizations. This includes all non profit and educational institutions.

Can I upgrade my account later?

Of course. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any point in time. There are no extra charges. The option is available under Settings → Billing.

How do I track IT Peripherals and additional items?

For each Device license, AssetSonar allows you to track five additional items such as Peripherals or Other Assets at no additional charge. More Details.

Peripherals: Peripherals are items that connect to a computer. These include hard drives or monitors (Assets), cables, USB drives, mice (Asset Stock), and consumables like batteries, toner, etc (Inventory).
Other Assets: Other Assets refer to almost any non-IT items that can be tracked either individually as an Asset, in multiple quantities as Asset Stock, or as consumable Inventory. Examples include vehicles (Assets), chairs (Asset Stock), and consumables such as batteries or water bottles (Inventory).

What are Devices?

Devices: Devices refer to all endpoints that are either running our ITAM Agent or are imported into AssetSonar via Network Discovery or our third-party integrations with device management solutions like JAMF, Microsoft SCCM and Intune, Google Endpoint Management. These devices can be IT Assets (laptops, desktop computers, or Chromebooks that are running Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS), Network Devices (hubs, routers, switches etc.), and Mobile Devices (iOS, Android devices).

Note:All active Devices count for licensing purposes. Once a Device is retired, it no longer counts towards the license limit.

Who are Account Owners, Administrators, Supervisors, Agents and Staff Users?

Admin: Pricing is based on the number of admins. We have 3 different type of admins as listed below:

Account Owner: An Account Owner manages the account and can configure the account settings and Add Ons. They have full access to the system and can view and take actions on all Items and modules. There is only 1 Account Owner per account.
Administrator: An Administrator manages the Items and operational modules but cannot configure the account settings and Add Ons. They can, however, view and take actions on all Items and modules including Create/Update/Delete actions.
Supervisor: A Supervisor is an Administrator that has all the permissions a normal Administrator has but only for a defined set of users.

Agent: An Agent is responsible for responding to tickets and requests made to the IT department. They can view and take action on all Items.
Staff User: A Staff User is an end-user that is registered as the custodian of an Item. Staff Users have limited access rights and can only take specific actions on Items.

How can I make a feature request?

Write to us at with any feature requests.

What is the cost of upgrading a yearly package before the year is up?

There is no additional cost. You will be charged on a prorated basis for the difference.

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