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Access Control for custom permissions


Scheduled and one-off maintenance events


Barcode, QR Code, and RFID Tag scanning


Availability Calendar for checking item status


Agent-based discovery for instant data updates

Frequently Asked Questions

All you ever needed to know about AssetSonar.

How many users can be added on one plan?

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You can add unlimited Staff Users on any plan. The number of IT Admins you can add depends on the plan you select. More Details

Do you offer non profit discounts?

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Yes, we offer a 10% discount program for all 501(c)(3) organizations. This includes all non profit and educational institutions.

Can I upgrade my account later?

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Of course. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any point in time. There are no extra charges. The option is available under Settings → Billing.

How do you calculate the number of items for each package?

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Assets: All active (non-retired) IT assets are counted towards the package limit.
Asset Stock: All Asset Stock records count towards the package limit, regardless of the quantity added to each record. For example, a stock quantity of 20,000 chairs is only counted as one item.
Inventory: All Inventory records count towards the package limit, regardless of the quantity added to each record. For example, a stock quantity of 20,000 batteries is only counted as one item.

What are Items, Administrators and Staff Users?

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Items: These refer to any IT equipment you track using AssetSonar, such as laptops, software and batteries. More Details

Administrator: An Administrator manages the service record flow in AssetSonar. They can see and take actions on all Items.

Staff User: A Staff User is an end user that is registered as the custodian of an asset. They can only take limited actions on Items.

What currency is used for pricing?

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All pricing is in USD (US Dollars).

How can I make a feature request?

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Write to us at with any feature requests.

What is the cost of upgrading a yearly package before the year is up?

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There is no additional cost. You will be charged on a prorated basis for the difference.

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