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Why AssetSonar for IT Asset Management?

Mapping out the interplay of users, hardware, software, and IT systems can be quite complex for organizations. AssetSonar enables companies to lower administrative burdens relating to the tracking, organizing, and monitoring of IT assets across locations. This is all done in the context of strict user management, services and maintenance, and custom reports. Having a well-rounded IT asset management platform not only helps you increase efficiency but also bolsters security and accountability at the same time.

Top Modules

  • IT Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • User Management
  • Services & Warranties
  • Reports and Notifications

IT Asset Management

Detect, tag and track all hardware and software assets and reduce overheads

IT Asset Life Cycle Management

Manage your entire IT asset lifecycle, from procurement to retirement.

Agent-based discovery

Use our agent-based discovery to populate asset details in an instant.

Hardware Asset Management

Manage resources such as laptops and desktops across locations

Software Asset Management

Manage On-Premise & Cloud Software and track Software License Compliance across your organization.

Network Discovery

Find and quickly identify connected devices on your network, reduce security risk

Configuration Management Database

Cross-reference data related to asset specifications, locations, custody, and more.

Depreciation Management

Track asset depreciation to know the best time for retiring IT assets.


Scan-based audits help improve transparency and accountability.


Set multi-format custom fields to track any data point.

Inventory Management

Track IT inventory and manage stock quantities across locations and departments

Purchase Orders

Keep track of POs, vendors and procurement costs from the same place.

Check-in and Checkout

Know who’s checking items in and out for increased accountability.

Availability Calendar

Map out the availability of items to eliminate double-bookings and stock-outs.


Reserve items well in advance for more streamlined future checkouts.

Location Management

Nest locations infinitely to keep track of assets down to a cubicle.

Barcode and QR Code Scanning

Use third-party apps to easily scan asset labels and process items quicker.

Low Stock Alerts

Know when you’re about to run low on a certain item to optimize procurement.

User Management

Manage user permissions and receive real-time data on asset custodianship and utilization

User Roles

Specify user permissions based on their roles for added security.

Access Control

Limit visibility of certain items based on item group, location, or both.


Increase control by requiring administrator approval for certain actions.

Login and Non-Login Users

Choose which members can log in to the system to update asset information.

Employee ID Scans

Check out assets to employees by scanning their IDs for quick checkouts.

Signature Capture

Log user signatures for specific actions for increased accountability.

Password Policy

Create a detailed password policy for your staff based on your preferences.

Google/Outlook Authentication

Sign in using Google or credentials for an easier login experience.


Simplify authentication by giving users a single URL to sign in with using SAML SSO.

LDAP Server Integration

Enable employees to use their LDAP credentials to access their account.

Custody Overview

Improve transparency by always knowing who has which items, and for how long.

Vendor Management

Keep track of both servicing and procurement vendors and vendor history.

Services & Warranties

Prioritize service events through tickets and manage IT asset warranty lifecycles with ease

IT Service Management

Manage ITSM workflows using our Zendesk & Jira Service Desk integrations.

License and Warranty Tracking

Easily track licenses and warranties, and always be ready to take action.

Service Tickets

Create service tickets to flag up urgent maintenance issues in an instant.

Recurring Services

Set service cycles to repeat to ensure your IT assets get serviced regularly.

Maintenance Alerts

Send out alerts to relevant parties on service initiation, completion or extension.

Service History Tracking

Track trends in cost and keep tabs on service type to improve asset productivity.

Work Order Management

Create and assign work orders to prioritize tasks and track their progress.

Service Triage

Automatically put items into service upon check-in for lower equipment downtimes.

Reports & Alerts

Generate custom reports for meaningful insights and create alerts for seamless operations

Custom Email Alerts

Send email-based reminders for specific events and choose which alerts get sent out.

Custom Reports

Create custom reports to get detail insights into IT asset management workflows.

Data Backups

Automate data exports to Dropbox and sync all your documents to Dropbox with ease.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule custom reports to be sent to specific colleagues at regular intervals.

Report Exports

Export all reports as a PDF or CSV file to share with colleagues or analyze further.

Customized Views

You can make AssetSonar show you the information that is most valuable to you.

Excel Import and Export

Import and export IT asset information to quickly add, update, or download data.

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