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Enabling businesses to track loaner equipment and sales assets.
Empowering businesses reach sales growth.

AssetSonar is the leading asset tracking software with a sales twist. Flag and manage demo equipment checked out to salespersons and leads all under one system, with our Salesforce integration driving home ever-greater opportunities. We continue to endorse and hone industry best practices in equipment tracking. Thanks to our dedicated team and particular focus on our customers’ concerns, we continue to set businesses on the path to success. And we’re just getting started!

EZ Web Enterprises, Inc.

AssetSonar is brought to you by a team of enterprise and technology experts at EZ Web Enterprises who recognize the role of technology in solving complex business problems with a fresh perspective. Today, not a lot of businesses have a system in place to track their demo equipment. If they do, they resort to static excel sheets or desktop software. There is no way to track the efficiency of salespersons with respect to the items they’ve been handed. This forces a single administrator to own the headache of keeping information about loaner equipment up to date, with no way to link customer relationship management to the utilization of demo equipment. We’re here to plug that gap.

Why Us?

We understand the need for businesses to focus on core strengths by not only removing technology-related inefficiencies, but also enhancing the productivity of salespersons through the optimal use of loaner equipment. If AssetSonar doesn't solve your business pain points, we'd like to hear from you at support@assetsonar.com